Our story so far

The Fife Brass Band Festival was formerly known as the Carnegie Contest and was sponsored wholly by the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. However after the contest in 2004 the brass band organising committee were informed that due to market forces the Carnegie Trust were reassessing all their grant funding to local organisations.
The Trust agreed to continue sponsoring the contest until 2007. The Trust also decided to devolve management of the contest wholly to the committee and are now no longer involved in the organisation of the event.

In August 2004 a meeting was held and the Fife Brass Band Festival committee was formed from the active members of the existing Carnegie brass band committee. It was decided to change the name of the contest to the Fife Brass Band Festival to allow funding to be sourced from other bodies, and to continue holding the contest in the Carnegie Hall and look at ways of reducing contest costs.
A draft constitution was prepared by Peter Fraser and adopted by the committee.

Additional funding was received in the first year from the Scottish Coal Industry Special Welfare Fund and Fife Council.