The 2019 Fife Brass Band Festival

This contest is open to bands in Sections 1 – 4 and non contesting bands

The 2019 contest returns to the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline on Sat 20th April 2019 and will be held under SBBA and Scottish Brass Band Registry rules

Each competing contesting band will be allowed up to 4 guest players, consistent with the current SBBA rules.

Please note that as per SBBA rules, conductors are not permitted to play an instrument with the band they are conducting and guest players are not eligible for soloist prizes.

Non contesting bands are once again invited to attend this year and play in a special section. There will be no restriction on players or guests for these bands.

Bands in Sections 1 – 4 and non-contesting bands will give a concert programme, no longer than 15 minutes playing time

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the first Carnegie Invitation Brass Band Contest which is now known as the Fife Brass Band Festival. To celebrate this milestone we would like all bands to include in their programme a piece of music connected in some way to 1969. It might have been composed in 1969, first played in 1969, your band might have played it in the  first contest etc etc .  Put on your thinking caps to make the connection

Entry fee for the contest is £90 for contesting bands and £50 for non contesting bands which will include 30 bandperson’s tickets. Due to the popularity of the contest and the number of entries in the past, we have agreed that all sections will be restricted to a maximum of 6 bands to be decided on a strictly first come first served basis.

If a greater number of bands than 6 enter any section, they will be placed on a waiting list and informed if any spaces become available. The committee reserves the right to increase entry numbers to a section if one section becomes oversubscribed and others are undersubscribed. The committee also reserves the right to combine sections if necessary.

The prizes in all sections will be announced in due course Non-contesting bands will not receive prize money, but will be given adjudicator’s comments and be awarded a certificate.

Trophies will be awarded to the winning band in each section and the best soloist/instrumentalist in each section will also receive a medal. The closing date for entries is Saturday 9th  March 2019

There will be a pre-draw 3 weeks before the contest. Bands will be informed of their draw as soon as possible

The order of play  Sections 3 –  4  –   NonContesting  –   2  –  1

The contest will start at 9.30 am

Enquiries about the contest should be made to:

Anne McInnes, 25 Fraser Place, Stirling  FK9 5RE

t: 01786 470247

m: 07845 499981

e: Anne McInnes

2019 Entry Form

Day Transfer SBBA

The registration and transfer forms for the Scottish Brass Band Association may also be downloaded directly from their website